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AGS / Publications / Annual Reports / AR-1890-V4

AGC/AGS Series Annual Reports
Number Series AR-1890-V4
Title Annual Report 1890 Vol 4: Marbles and Other Limestones
Author (s) T.C. Hopkins
Date 1890
General Description

This annual report contains:

  • General description of the marble area
  • Composition and origin of limestone
  • Varieties of limestone
  • Geologic and geographic distribution of limestone
  • Limestone as a building stone
  • Miscellaneous uses of limestone
  • The Carbonifierous limestones of north Arkansas
  • The Silurian limestones of north Arkanssas
  • Carbonifierous limestones south of the boston mountains
  • Other limestones in the state
  • The lime industry of Arkansas
  • The origin and uses of marble
  • Marble in the U.S.
  • Marble in other countries
  • St. Clair marble
  • The distribution of the St.Clair marble
  • St.Joe Marble
  • Distribution of the St.Joe marble
  • Other marbles found in Arkansas
  • Quarrying
  • Cutting, dressing, and polishing marble
  • List of plates

*Includes: 269 pages;

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