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We currently have five posters in our Educational Poster Series. The fossil poster displays pictures of fossils that have been found in Arkansas, including invertebrate, vertebrate, plant and trace fossils. This poster also includes text of fossil facts. The mineral poster displays minerals that are present in Arkansas, along with the mineral name and chemical composition. The rock poster includes pictures of rocks classified under three major rock types: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. The rock name is displayed in the text under each classification. The physiographic region poster displays the five physiographic provinces of Arkansas and lists rocks and landforms characteristic of each region. The newest poster displays locations of mined resources in Arkansas.

Fossils of Arkansas Poster
Minerals of Arkansas Poster

Rocks of Arkansas poster

Shipping Information

To receive a free copy of the posters contact the Arkansas Geological Survey (501) 296-1878. Either poster will be folded and mailed via United States Postal Service. If you prefer to receive the poster rolled the cost for shipping is $10. Please indicate which poster you wish to receive. Payments can be accepted over the phone.

Physiographic Regions of Arkansas Poster

Mineral Resources of Arkansas Poster

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