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12-Sample Rock Packets

12 sample rock packet

Rock packets are available for the general public and teachers in Arkansas. Teachers may request classroom sets for use in their classrooms, however we are unable to provide rock packets for the students to take home. This is due to decreasing resources and inventory and increasing costs of shipping the rock packets. We urge teachers to keep the packets in the classroom to use year after year and share with other teachers at their school. Rock packets include color coded samples with description sheet. Out-of state orders for rock packets can be accepted for a shipping charge of $3.00 per packet paid by credit card through our sales office at (501) 296-1877.

bariteShale is a sedimentary rock composed predominantly of clay-sized particles. In the Ouachitas it has undergone very low-grade regional metamorphism and therefore geologists prefer the term "slaty shale". Rough and cut blocks were previously used as shingles and for floors, patios, table tops, and interior and exterior covered walkways. bauxiteA sedimentary rock that is the principal commercial source of aluminum. It is mined in Saline County and has been mined in Pulaski County. gravelNaturally rounded stone varying in size. Quartz gravel and sand are commonly used as construction fill, concrete, aggregate, decorative stone, and as glass manufacture and for foundary mold sand. Donated by Sheridan White Rock. gypsumA very soft mineral used in cement, wallboard, and plaster of paris. It is mined in Pike and Howard Counties. Donated by BPB, Ltd.
kaolinA clay-rich sedimentary rock used to make ceramics and as filler in rubber, cosmetics and paper. Deposits are known in central and southern Arkansas. lamproite An igneous rock that is the mantle-derived source of diamonds in Arkansas. It occurs near Murfreesboro in Pike County. limestoneA commonly fossiliferous sedimentary rock used as crushed stone and agricultural limestone. It is mined in northern Arkansas. Chalk (a soft variety of limestone) is mined in southwestern Arkansas for cement and as a source of lime. Donated by Midwest Lime Co. novaculite A very hard and brittle sedimentary rock consisting almost entirely of silica. Some of its uses are as oilstones or whetstones, and as a high silica source material. Novaculite is mined in the Ouachita Mountains.
quartzQuartz crystal is popular as mineral specimens. Milky quartz has been used to grow synthetic quartz for electronics. Most Arkansas quartz comes from the Ouachita Mountains. Donated by Ron Coleman Mining. sandstoneA sedimentary rock used as rock aggregate. Present in the Paleozoic Highland Region of Arkansas. syeniteAn igneous rock used as rock aggregate and roofing granules. Syenite occurs in Pulaski, Saline, Garland, and Hot Spring Counties. tuffAn igneous rock composed of volcanic ash and dust and deposited as sediments. It is used as rock aggregate. Produced in Polk County. Donated by Martin Marrietta Aggregates.

Included in the 2-pack rock packet are small samples of our state rock and mineral:

To order your class set of rock packets please fax or email your request on a school letterhead, Attn. AGS Front Office to 501-663-7360 (fax) or

Check out a Teacher’s Rock and Mineral Kit from your Education Co-op. This kit contains larger hand size samples of rocks and minerals in Arkansas. Or visit the survey at 3815 W Roosevelt Road in Little Rock to get one on loan.

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