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The Arkansas Geological Survey participates with Science Specialists throughout the state to provide instruction through workshops on various topics of earth science. The workshops are written to teach the teacher the science, with the Arkansas Science Curriculum in mind, so that they can take the information back to the classroom. At each workshop a guidebook is provided for the teacher. The workshop booklets have been formatted into our Educational Workshop Series and are available for download. If you have questions or comments on how to make these materials better please contact Angela Chandler at 501-683-0111 or .

Educational Workshop Series 01–Introduction to Minerals and Rocks – with special emphasis on Arkansas materials.
This workshop booklet explains the physical properties of minerals and how they are identified. It also explains how igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks are identified and provides tables for identification purposes. Arkansas minerals and rocks are listed in the tables in red.

Educational Workshop Series 02– Relative Age Dating with special emphasis on Arkansas materials
This workshop introduces the rules and principles involved in dating rock sequences relatively. Unconformities and faults are explained with examples. Several exercises are available at the end of the booklets.

Educational Workshop Series 03– Regions and Landforms in Arkansas
Answers to topographic map exercises        
This workshop focuses on the landforms in each physiographic region of the state. A list of landforms is provided for each region showing the quadrangle name for use in the classroom. Topographic map reading skills are covered and exercises are available in the booklet.

Educational Workshop Series 04– Geologic float on Lake Ouachita from Lake Ouachita State Park
This is a 3 hour float with 5 fieldtrip locations starting at Lake Ouachita State Park. At Stop 1 an ancient submarine landslide is exposed in the Blakely Formation. Stop 2 features quartz veins in sandstone at Zebra Rock. Stop 3 includes folding in limestone of the Womble Shale. Stop 4 allows teachers to view a fracture pattern called Checkerboard Rock. An igneous dike is exposed on an island at Stop 5.

Educational Workshop Series 05– Karst Old and New along the Buffalo National River
This is a three day fieldtrip in the Buffalo National River area. The theme of this workshop is Karst – Old and New. The "old karst" is a reference to paleokarst at the contact of the St. Peter and Everton Formations and paleokarst breccias that host the lead and zinc mineralization. The "new karst" pertains to recent karst features and landforms in the area such as springs and sinkholes. The first day we will look at the historic Rush Mining District. The second day will feature a geologic float trip on the lower end of the Buffalo National River while the third day focuses on karst features along the Indian Rockhouse Trail at Buffalo Point. The following frameworks in Earth and Space Sciences will be addressed.

Educational Workshop Series 06 - "Mining, Minerals and More" in the western Ouachita Mountains
This is a three day workshop in the Ouachita Mountains near the town of Mena in western Arkansas. The theme of this workshop is mostly mining and minerals. The "more" includes plant fossil collecting and a visit to Cossatot River State Park. The first day of the workshop we will travel north into the Arkansas River Valley to look for plant fossils in a reclaimed coal mining area at Bates. The second day we will visit a local quarry in the Hatton Tuff Member of the Stanley Formation in the morning, then travel to Cossatot River State Park in the afternoon. The third day we will visit cinnabar workings along the Cinnabar Trail at Lake Greeson.

Since we are staying in the town of Mena, very close to Queen Wilhelmina State Park, there is an added fieldtrip and lesson for landforms in this area.

Educational Workshop Series 07 - Arkansas Geology: Karst and Caverns
This is a one day workshop that explores karst features on the Springfield Plateau as we travel to Blanchard Springs Caverns to tour the cave.

Educational Workshop Series 08 - Arkansas Geology: Bluffs, Crevices, Pedestals, and Fossils
This is a two day workshop that explores features and fossils on the Boston Mountains Plateau in the Ozark National Forest. The first day of the workshop, we travel to Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area to look at a sandstone bluff that has weathered and erodes to create crevices and pedestals. Next, we move on to scenic Richland Creek to look for fossils. The second day we visit Long Pool Recreation area to look for more fossils.

Educational Workshop Series 09 - Arkansas Geology Outdoors: Exploring the Upper Buffalo River Region
This is a two-day workshop that explores rock formations and karst features on the upper portion of the Buffalo National River. The first day of the workshop, we travel to Lost Valley to see how a stream has carved an interesting path into the underlying limestone. Next, we look at the relative age of rock layers, an unconformity, and fossils in Ponca Quarry. Finally, we will conduct a gravel bar experiment at Steel Creek on the Buffalo National River. On day two, we hike to Whitaker Point (aka Hawksbill Crag) to see a distinctive sandstone bluff in the Boston Mountains.

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