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Number Series DGM-SPS-002
Title Geologic Map of Petit Jean State Park and Surrounding Area
Author (s) Geology by B.R. Haley, C.G. Stone, 1995,  and edited by Angela K. Chandler, 2007
Date 2007
General Description This map displays the geologic formations exposed at the surface in Petit Jean State Park on Petit Jean Mountain to just south of Adona Arkansas.  The map is a compilation of geology from four quadrangles – Atkins, Morrilton West, Adona and Perryville – that were mapped by Boyd R. Haley and Charles G. Stone through COGEOMAP, a cooperative mapping project with the Oklahoma Geological Survey and the U.S. Geological Survey.  The map layout includes a correlation of map units, stratigraphic column and cross-section.
  • Full color map
  • Size ~ 45" x  39"

The Geologic Story of Petit Jean State Park, a separate booklet with trail maps and photos, is included when this map is purchased.

This booklet includes:
  • Physiographic Provinces of Arkansas
  • Geologic time scale showing rocks present at Petit Jean State Park
  • Diagrams showing folded geologic structures
  • Generalized cross-sections from Petit Jean Mtn to Adona
  • The Atoka Formation along Hwy. 154 beneath Stouts Point
  • Columnar section showing sequence of rock formations at Petit Jean State Park
  • Hartshorne Sandstone capping the Mountain
  • Topographic map showing the “nose” at Stouts Point
  • The Arkansas River and its flood plain as seen from Stouts Point
  • Liesegang banding in rocks used to build the CCC structure at Stouts Point
  • Rock House Cave rock shelter
  • Cedar Falls
  • Talus or rock fall slope near Cedar Falls Trail
  • Carpet rocks along Cedar Creek Trail
  • Turtle rocks above the Seven Hollows Trail
  • Ripple marks in rock at the CCC overlook
  • Diagram of ripple marks
  • Cross-bedding in Hartshorne Sandstone
  • Lycopod fossils
  • Fossil snails, clams and sea anemone.
  • Trail Map 1: Geologic Map of Rock House Cave and a portion of Boy Scout Trail
  • Trail Map 2: Geologic Map of Cedar Creek Trail
  • Trail Map 3: Geologic Map of Cedar Falls Trail, Bear Cave Trail and Boy Scout Trail
  • Trail Map 4: Geologic Map of Rock House Cave-portion of Boy Scout Trail
Includes: 12 pages, 20 figures, 4 trail maps
Availability Yes.  Paper copy (Print-on-Demand); CD-Rom or Free download as .pdf file.
Price Paper-$30.00 plus shipping; CD-rom-$25.00 plus shipping or free download

Contact Sales Office at (501) 296-1877,  for shipping and handling charges.

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