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Number Series DGM-SPS-003
Title Geology of the Crater of Diamonds State Park and Vicinity, Pike County, Arkansas
Author (s) Geology by W.D. Hanson, J.M. Howard and B.F. Clardy
Date 2007
Scale 1:16,000
General Description Product consists of a map (scale 1:16,000) of the Crater of Diamonds State Park and vicinity, along with digital imagery of the Park search area (scale 1:4,364), Prairie Creek diatreme bedrock geology map (scale 1:3,350), and schematic cross section of the Prairie Creek diatreme, all on a poster-size base (29” X 41”), suitable for framing.  With this graphic product is included SPS-03, a booklet of the same title, authored by J. M. Howard and W. D. Hanson (2008), 8 colored figs., 14 p.  Booklet contains a written summary of the geology, igneous rock type descriptions, and a discussion of the mineralogy of diamonds with an explanation of the cause of the typical shapes of diamonds from this location.  Frequently asked questions by park visitors are also answered.
  • Full color map
  • Size ~ 29" x 41"
This booklet includes:
  • General location of the Crater of Diamonds State Park within Arkansas….
  • General stratigraphy of the local rock units…
  • Map and cross-section of Prairie Creek
  • Magmatic lamproite boulders on crest of Middle Hill
  • Lamproite lapilli tuff exposed on West Hill
  • Altered lamproite breccia tuff
  • Outcrop of silica-cemented sandstone-dominated maar epiclastics…
  • Diamond dissolution evolution…
  • References and Reading List
  • Alphabetical Listing of Minerals reported from the Prairie Creek Diatreme and their Geologic Associations
Includes:  17 pages, 8 figures, 1 map
Availability Yes.  Paper copy (Print-on-Demand); CD-Rom or Free download as .pdf file.
Price Paper-$30.00 plus shipping; CD-rom-$25.00 plus shipping or free download

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