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AGC/AGS Series Guidebook 
Number Series GB 81-1
Title Field Guide to the Paleozoic Rocks of the Ouachita Mountains and Arkansas Valley  Provinces, Arkansas
Author (s) C.G. Stone and J.D. McFarland, III
Date 1981
General Description This guidebook covers 43 stops on a 3-day geologic field trip in the Ouachita Mountains and Arkansas Valley.  It stresses the structure, stratigraphy, and variety of depositional styles of the major geologic units of the region. The road log begins in Little Rock on the first day, and ends at Dardenelle the first evening.  It begins the next day south of Dardenelle and ends on the south side of Lake Ouachita the second day.  On the third day, it begins south of Mount Ida and ends at mile marker 81 on Interstate 30 near Friendship.  The report includes an Appendix containing:
  • Analyses of filtrates and selected residues of Ouachita Mountain Ordovician limestones
  • A lengthy selected bibliography of the Ouachita Mountain and Arkansas Valley regions
  • Foldout geologic map of west-central Arkansas
  • Cross-section of region visited during the second day of the field trip

*Includes:  140 pages, 74 figures

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