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Welcome to AGS from director and state geologist Bekki White

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Our mission is to serve the people of Arkansas by providing geological information in order to develop and enable effective management of the State’s mineral, fossil fuel and water resources while protecting the environment. We look forward to working with the public, industry and government in accomplishing our mission goals. Please feel free to call on us with your questions and we will do our utmost to assist you.

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New Maps & Publications
Geology Report: Pike County 03/02/2018

Why is Geology Important? 03/02/2018

Geologic Road Guide to AR State Hwy 10 01/09/2018

AR STATEMAP Fact Sheet 2017 09/20/2017

REVISED 2017- AR Lignite Investigation Map 09/20/2017

1:24,000 7.5' Geologic Map of the War Eagle Quadrangle 09/06/2017

Open File Report: Arkansas Fossil Fuels Activity Update for 2016 Now Available! 08/25/2017

Check Out the First of Our NEW Series: AR Fact Sheets! 08/24/2017

Recent Earthquake Activity Near Bull Shoals Lake, AR! 07/19/2017

Recent and Historic Earthquakes in the Central Portion of the Fayetteville Shale Gas Play in North-Central AR! 07/19/2017

NEWLY MAPPED: 1:24,000 7.5' Geologic Map of the Durham Quadrangle! 07/14/2017

~80 Historic Photograph PDFs Added! 05/26/2017

~300 Historic Written Media PDFs Added! 05/12/2017

AR River Valley Structural Axes PDF Maps Added! 04/05/2017

120+ Historic Map PDFs Added! 04/05/2017

100+ Publication PDFs Added! 12/16/2016

Fayetteville Shale Field Trip Guidebook Added! 10/17/2016

Information Circular 43 Added! 10/17/2016

Howard County Geologic Report Added! 09/07/2016

Newly Added Industrial Mineral Reports for 2012 & 2013 09/07/2016

Public Information Contact:

(501) 296-1877, or email:
The AGS collects and disperses geologic data to its users. This data consists of geologic maps, historical data concerning resources, various datasets, both paper and some electronic-based, concerning water, fossil fuel, and mineral resources of Arkansas. The data is available either as published or unpublished reports, summaries, open-file reports, and maps and may be purchased or viewed on-site. Photocopy facilities are available on-site. Summaries relative to specific resources are posted online as are completed electronic databases and spreadsheets.

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