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AGC/AGS Series Information Circular
Number Series IC-21
Title Subsurface Geology of Pre-Everton Rocks in Northern Arkansas
Author (s) W.M. Caplan
Date 1960
General Description

This report discusses the stratigraphy, structure, and oil and gas potential for the Arbuckle-Ellenburger-Knox group equivalents in northern Arkansas.  Formations described from well cuttings include: the Precambrian igneous rocks; the Lamotte sandstone; the Bonneterre dolomite; the Davis-Derby-Doerun formations; the Potosi-Eminence dolomites; the Gasconade-Van Buren formations; the Roubidoux formation; Jefferson City dolomite; Cotter dolomite; Powell dolomite; Smithville formation; Black Rock formation.

The report contains:

  • Table of Pre-Everton geologic column in north Arkansas showing thicknesses penetrated by reference wells
  • List of 38 reference wells
  • Table of Pre-Everton formation top picks
  • Fold-out map of Pre-Everton outcrop mapped as of 1960
  • Fold-out reference well location map
  • Fold-out generalized structural map of the Roubidoux formation
  • Fold-out generalized isopach map of the Roubidoux formation
  • Fold-out generalized structural map contoured of the Gunter member of the Gasconade-Van Buren formation

*Includes:  17 pages, 5 plates, 1 figure, 3 tables

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