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AGC/AGS Series Information Circular
Number Series IC-39B
Title Structural and Stratigraphic Analysis of the Shell Arivett 1-26 Well, Southern Ouachita Fold and Thrust Belt, Pike County, Arkansas
Author (s) Ted Godo, Peng Li, and M. E. Ratchford
Date 2011
General Description A joint research project between the Arkansas Geological Survey (AGS) and Shell Exploration & Production Company (SEPCO) was undertaken to report the findings of three exploration wells drilled by Shell in the 1980s in the Arkansas portion of the Ouachita Mountains. Shell recognized three exploration targets in the Ouachita fold and thrust belt of Arkansas and drilled three wildcat wells to test their hydrocarbon potential. The results and conclusions from these three wells are being published as a three part series of Information Circulars at the AGS. As the second of the three publications, this report is focused on the Arivett No. 1-26 well located in Section 26-T5S-R25W of Pike County, Arkansas. The well was spudded in August of 1985 and subsequently plugged and abandoned as a dry hole in November of 1985 after reaching a depth of 10,570 ft. (3,223 m) in the Silurian Missouri Mountain Shale/Blaylock Sandstone. The principal objectives of this report are to (1) report the pre- and post-drilling well information, (2) provide a seismic interpretation and structural cross-section of the well, (3) assess the reasons for a lack of movable hydrocarbons in the well and (4) comment on the remaining natural gas potential along the southern flank of the Ouachita fold and thrust belt in Arkansas.
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