Electrical Log Correlation of the Atoka Formation Along Section X'' - X''' in Pope, Conway, Faulkner and White Counties, Arkansas

AGC/AGS Series Fossil Fuel - Miscellaneous
Number Series OC-6
Title Electrical Log Correlation of the Atoka Formation Along Section X-X' in Sebastian, Crawford, Franklin, Johnson and Pope Counties, Arkansas
Author (s) B. R. Haley
Date 1982
Scale 1:4,000 vertical scale and 1:100,000 horizontal scale
General Description

OIL AND GAS CHARTS: Charts 1 - 6 by B.R. Haley, 1982 are electrical log correlation cross sections of the Atoka Formation in west-central Arkansas. The vertical scale is 1:4,000 and horizontal scale is 1:100,000. Recognizable sandy zones, numbered in a nonconsecutive order from 4 near the top of the Atoka Formation to 109 near the base, are correlated from well to well and referenced to the nomenclature used by the local oil and gas industry.

  • Cross sections 1 - 4 extend north to south and Cross sections 5 - 6 extend west to east.*Black and White 
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