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AGC/AGS Series Miscellaneous Publication
Number Series MP-12
Title Contributions to the Geology of the Ozarks
Author (s) Contributing authors, edited by K.N. Headrick and O.A. Wise
Date 1975
General Description

A compilation of 5 papers concerned with the geology of the Ozarks Plateau region of Arkansas. Each paper is illustrated with maps, photographs, line drawings, cross sections, measured sections, and other geologic information.

The papers contained in this report are:

  • History of investigations on the post-St. Peter Ordovician of northern Arkansas: The art of layer-cake geology, by W. W. Craig, p. 1-17.
  • Insoluble-residue studies of upper Canadian rocks in northeastern Arkansas and southeastern Missouri, by Mary H. McCracken, p. 18-37.
  • Lower Ordovician stratigraphic relationships at Smithville, Arkansas and adjacent areas, by O. A. Wise, Jr., E. L. Yochelson, and B. F. Clardy, p. 38-60.
  • Stratigraphy and conodont faunas of the Cason Shale and the Kimmswick and Fernvale Limestones of northern Arkansas, by W. W. Craig, p. 61-95.
  • Stratigraphic relationships between the Bloyd and Atoka Formations (Pennsylvanian) of northern Arkansas, by D. L. Zachry and B. R. Haley, p. 96-106.

*Includes:  106 pages, 5 plates, 20 figures, 2 tables

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