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AGC/AGS Series Miscellaneous Publication
Number Series MP-14
Title Symposium on the Geology of the Ouachita Mountains-Volume II
Author (s) Contributing authors - editing C.G. Stone, et al.
Date 1977
General Description This publication is the 2nd volume of the two volume set on the geology of the Ouachita Mountains. This volume covers such diverse topics as economic geology, mineralogy, and related topics.

The 10 titles include:

  • An 18-day foot journey in the headwater country of Cossatot River, 1916, by H. D. Miser, p. 2-4.
  • Geology of abandoned Kellogg lead-zinc-silver-copper mines, Pulaski County, Arkansas, by R. H. Konig and C. G. Stone, p. 5-18.
  • Geochemistry, geothermometry and mineralogy of copper, lead, zinc, and antimony deposits of Sevier County, Arkansas, by G. C. Pittenger and R. H. Konig, p. 19-26.
  • Geochemical survey of the Silver, Arkansas area, by J. J. Santos, p. 27-30.
  • Aspects of manganese production in west-central Arkansas, by R. B. Stroud, p. 31-41.
  • Controls on the distribution of barite deposits in Arkansas, by J. S. Hanor and L. R. Baria, p. 42-49.
  • Iron phosphate minerals of the Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas, by A. L. Kidwell, p. 50-62.
  • Analcite as a temperature indicator of Arkansas Ouachita deformation, by K. C. Jackson, p. 63-64.
  • Pore fluids as the primary rheologic control in the deformation of the eastern Ouachitas, by J. F. Karlo, p. 65-70.
  • Rounded xenoliths in an alkalic dike, Garland County, Arkansas, by J. M. Howard, K. F. Steele, and D. R. Owens, p. 71-74.

*Includes:  74 pages, many maps and illustrations

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