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AGC/AGS Series Miscellaneous Publication
Number Series MP-21
Title Proceedings of the 22nd Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals
Author (s) Contributing authors - edited by G.W. Colton
Date 1988
General Description This publication is a compilation of 11 short papers and assorted abstracts of papers that were presented at the 22nd Forum on the Geology of Industrial Minerals that was held the 1st week of May, 1986 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Five of the 11 papers and 7 of the 10 abstracts are concerned with mineral commodities of Arkansas. These commodities include soapstone, quartz crystal, diamonds, barite, silica sand, nepheline syenite, gypsum, novaculite, and the value of industrial minerals produced in Arkansas. 

Papers include the following titles:

  • Some thoughts on our mineral future, by E. N. Cameron, p. 1-10.
  • Mineral raw materials for flat glass manufacturing, by F. D. Huntley and R. R. Snow, p.11-16.
  • Cause and effect of jointing in quarries in central and northern Indiana, by C. H. Ault, p. 17-29.
  • The cement industry and cement raw materials in Texas, by M. W. McBride, p. 31-36.
  • Virginia’s lime industry, by P. C. Sweet, p. 37-48.
  • Tectonically emplaced serpentinites of the Benton uplift, Saline County, Arkansas, by T. L. Cox, p. 49-61.
  • Quartz crystal deposits of the Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas and Oklahoma, by J. M. Howard and C. G. Stone, p. 63-71.
  • Prairie Creek kimberlite (lamproite), by L. G. Krol, p. 73-75.
  • Barite deposits in western Arkansas, by A. W. Mitchell, p. 77-86.
  • General geology and mineral resources of the Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas, by C. G. Stone and W. V. Bush, p. 87-106.
  • The marbles of Nepal: a preliminary report on the Godavari marble deposit, southwestern Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, by J. H. Gray and A. J. Pyron, p. 107-111

*Includes:  115 pages, 82 figures, 15 tables

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