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AGC/AGS Series Open-File Report
Number Series OFR 2011-1000
Title Geological and Geochemical Analyses of the Lower Smackover Formation, Anadarko Talley #1-22B and Calvert Harris #1 Wells, Columbia County, Arkansas
Author (s) Peng Li and Michael Ed Ratchford
Date March 2011
General Description

The focus of the report is a detailed petrographic and geochemical analysis of the Lower Smackover Formation in the Anadarko Talley No. 1-22B well and the Calvert Harris No. 1 well located in Columbia County, Arkansas. This publication is a preliminary compilation of selected industry reports that were provided to the Arkansas Geological Survey. The industry reports are compiled in AGS OFR 2011-1000 with the express purpose to disseminate scientific information to the general public. Sample materials used for the analyses in the industry reports were acquired from the Norman F. Williams Sample Library located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The Arkansas Geological Survey does not endorse any company listed in this publication and does not provide a technical opinion regarding the nature and quality of the test results. All data, maps and reports are digitally compiled on a CD-ROM format.

The report includes:

  • Anadarko Talley #1-22B The Discovery Group Inc. report
    • Table 1B - List of petrographic thin sections, Lower Smackover Formation
    • Table 2B - Petrogaphic observations and interpretations
    • Table 3B - Photomicrograph captions and image index, Smackover fracture study
    • Legend and scale for thin section photomicrographs
    • Thin section photomicrogaphs
  • Anadarko Talley #1-22B Weatherford Laboratories report
    • Section 1 - Geochemical analysis
    • Section 2 - Petrographic analysis
    • Section 3 - Mercury injection capillary pressure
  • Calvert Harris #1 The Discovery Group Inc. report
    • Table 1 - List of petrographic thin sections, Lower Smackover Formation
    • Table 2 - Petrographic observations and interpretations
    • Table 3 - Photomicrograph captions and image index
    • Legend and scale for thin section photomicrographs
    • Thin section photomicrographs
  • Calvert Harris #1 Humble Geochemical Services report
    • TOC and Rock-Eval data report
    • Figure 1 - Geochemical log
    • Figure 2 - Kerogen quality
    • Figure 3 - Kerogen type
    • Figure 4 - Kerogen type and maturity
    • Figure 5 - Kerogen conversion and maturity

*Includes: 135 pages

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