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Water is at its best when it can be found in its purest form with very little to nothing else being dissolved or suspended within it. The most desired is water of best quality that is free from harming human health and needed for good human health. There are water quality problems both with ground-water and surface-water sources in Arkansas. In some areas the quality of water from some aquifers has declined because of heavy pumping especially in southern and eastern Arkansas. The main threat to ground-water quality is however is from contamination from the surface.

When ground-water moves or percolates at a slow rate through sediments or rocks most contaminates harmful or objectionable to humans, are usually filtered out. This natural filtering process is what makes ground-water so appealing as a supply because it usually needs little treatment to make it useful for human use. Surface water on the other hand does not undergo such filtering and being at the surface is most accessible to both natural and human produced contamination. These contaminates include natural compounds such as salt or sediment from land erosion. Man made contaminates include chemicals from industry, both urban and rural human and animal waste along with disease causing bacteria and viruses.

natural sources of ground water can contain high amounts of minerals such as iron
Even natural sources of ground water such as springs can contain high amounts of minerals such as iron.
Acid Water
Human activity can also impair water quality.

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