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Water use in Arkansas between the years 1965-2005 has increased 435 percent. The amount of rainfall and stream inflow has not changed to any measured degree. The human population is now over 2.6 million (2005) and is expected to continue to grow. There are current problems with declining water levels in aquifers. The State has streams that have contamination problems from human activity and some from just natural causes. Flooding is an ever present problem in Arkansas as an over abundance of surface water that causes harm to people. There are water systems in the State that say they need additional water for their people but cannot get access to the closest supplies because government restrictions because those water sources are currently held for other purposes.

The challenges the State of Arkansas has with its water resources have been recognized for more than 40 years. Some challenges are being address but many more actions will be necessary in the future to best use and protect the State’s water resources. Because just like air, land and food there is nothing else that is as important to human survival as having good and abundant water.

Flooded property & house
 Flooding (too much water) causes quick loss of property and sometimes human life.


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