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There are about 87,617 miles of streams and rivers in and around the State of Arkansas. The combine flow of the streams within the state averages about 40 billion gallons a day with an additional 30 billion gallons a day brought in to the state from surrounding states in the Arkansas, White, Red and ST. Francis rivers this compares to the daily average of 210 billion gallons a day that flows in the Mississippi River past Memphis. The quality of surface water varies across the state that is mainly due to the fact that eastern and southern Arkansas has what is called “soft” rock exposed at the surface that easily erodes causing the water to be cloudy or turbid when compared to streams in western and northern parts of the state that are underlain by “hard” or consolidated rock.

White River at Penters Bluff

  White River at Penters Bluff, Izard County, looking east.


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resources of Arkansas: Arkansas Geological Commission Bulletin 24

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