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AGC/AGS Series Water Resources Circular
Number Series WRC-5
Title Ground Water Resources of Parts of Lonoke, Prairie, and White Counties, Arkansas
Author (s) H.B. Counts
Date 1957
General Description This report presents information concerning the occurrence, availability, movement, recharge, discharge, and mineral quality of the ground water in a roughly 1,200 square mile triangular area of Lonoke, Prairie, and White Counties in central Arkansas.

It includes:

  • A discussion of ground water in the Paleozoic region of the study area and its relationship to structure of those rocks
  • Generalized geologic column of the formations in the study area
  • A discussion of the lithology, stratigraphy, and extent of geologic formations in the study area, with special reference to their water-bearing characteristics
  • The recharge, movement, and discharge of ground water in the study area
  • Recovery of ground water by wells
  • Table of aquifer tests and computed coeffients of permeability
  • Fluctuation of water levels in the aquifers, including hydrographs
  • Use of ground water, including discussions of specific municipal supplies, domestic and irrigation supplies
  • Possibilities for further development
  • Chemical quality of ground water, with discussions of chemical components and characteristics
  • Graphic representation of selected chemical analyses of ground water from several aquifers in the study area
  • Logs of 41 test holes and 61 wells
  • Appendix contains a table of well records in the study area (121 in Prairie County, 104 in Lonoke County, 106 in White County).
  • Appendix contains a table of water analyses of selected wells in the study area (36 samplings from 34 wells in Prairie County, 31 samplings from 30 wells in Lonoke County, 35 samplings from 34 wells in White County).
  • Foldout geologic map showing occurrences of ground water
  • Four foldout cross sections
  • Map showing location of wells, test holes, and cross sections
  • Map showing depth to water, and water table in Quaternary deposits, Spring of 1955

*Includes:  65 pages, 8 figures, 7 plates, 8 tables

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