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AGC/AGS Series Water Resources Circular
Number Series WRC-6
Title Geology and Ground-Water Resources of Desha and Lincoln Counties, Arkansas
Author (s) M.S. Bedinger and J.E. Reed
Date 1961
General Description This report presents information concerning the occurrence, availability, movement, recharge, discharge, and mineral quality of the ground water in Desha and Lincoln Counties in eastern Arkansas.

It includes:

  • A discussion of the topography, climate, and drainage of the study area
  • A discussion of both the surface and sub-surface geology, including lithology and structural, with special reference to water-bearing units
  • Structural contour maps of the Cretaceous system, of the Midway group (Paleocene), and of the Wilcox group (Eocene) in the study area
  • Six geologic sections depicting formation relationships
  • A discussion of the local hydrology, 7 pumping tests and their results, and recharge, movement, and discharge of ground water
  • A discussion of water level fluctuation and use of ground water, with 5 hydrographs and one pumping chart
  • A discussion of chemical quality of ground water in the study area, including graphic representation of selected chemical analyses of ground water, areal distribution map of chloride content, and a classification chart of ground water used for irrigation in the study area
  • A table with well and spring records, including location, use, yield, owner, driller (if well)
  • A table of water levels in wells in the study area
  • A table of logs of test holes and wells
  • A table of chemical analyses of water from wells and springs
  • Four plates displaying correlation of formations by use of electric logs
  • Map displaying positions of cross-sections
  • Colored geologic map
  • Piezometric surface maps for Quaternary alluvium of Desha County in December 1956, February 1957, April 1957, December 1957, and April 1958
  • Piezometric surface maps for Quaternary alluvium of Lincoln County in February 1956, October 1956, April 1957, December 1957, and April 1958
  • County maps showing locations of wells and springs

*Includes:  129 pages, 23 figures, 19 plates, 10 tables

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