Geologic Map of Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area

AGC/AGS Series Digital Geologic Maps
Number Series DGM-SPS-004
Title Geologic Map of Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area
Author (s) Angela Chandler, Corbin Cannon II, and Lea Nondorf
Date 2019
Scale 1:24,000
General Description

This map illustrates the surface geology of Hobbs State Park. This area was previously mapped by Glick circa 1971 for the Geologic Map of Arkansas. Portions of this area have also been mapped by students at the University of Arkansas: Staley in 1962 during construction of Beaver Lake, Sullivan in 1999 through the EDMAP Program, a part of the National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program, and Hutchinson and Dowell in 2004 as mapping theses. The War Eagle quadrangle was mapped by Chandler and others in 2017.

  • Color map
  • Paper size is ~ 32" x 46". 
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