Administrative Staff

Bekki White (501) 296-1877 Director and State Geologist
Scott Ausbrooks (501) 296-1882 Assistant State Geologist
Laura Hinze (501) 683-0121 Executive Secretary
Joseph Cox (501) 683-0113 Fiscal Support Manager
Cindy Witherell (501) 296-1879 Fiscal Support Analyst
Lee Smith (501) 683-0112 AGS Specialist
Cathy Turner (501) 683-0150 Administrative Specialist III to the Board of Registration for Professional Geologists


Corbin Cannon (501) 683-0110 Geologist
Education, General Geology, Igneous Petrology, and Mineralogy
Angela Chandler (501) 683-0111 Geologist Supervisor
Education, Fossils, Geological Mapping / STATEMAP1, and Ozark Geology
Camille Gernhart (501) 683-0125 Education Geologist
Doug Hanson (501) 683-0115 Supervisor - Geodatabases
Gulf Coastal Plain and Cretaceous Geology, Geological Mapping / STATEMAP1, Ouachita Mtns and Ark River Valley Geology
Garrett Hatzell (501) 683-0153 Statemap geologist
Richard Hutto (501) 683-0151 Senior Geologist
Geological Mapping / STATEMAP1, and Ozark Geology
Ty Johnson (501) 683-0153 Geologist
David Johnston (501) 683-0126 Geologist
Geohazards, Environmental, and Mississippi Embayment Geology
Martha Kopper (501) 683-0119 Geologist Supervisor
Peng Li (501) 683-0118 Senior Petroleum Geologist
Fossil Fuels
Ciara Mills (501) 683-0114 Petroleum Geologist
Petroleum, Geologic Mapping, & Geohazards
Bill Prior (501) 683-0117 Geologist Supervisor
Gulf Coastal Plain and Cretaceous Geology, Fossils, Mississippi Embayment, Ouachita Mtns, Ark River Valley, Water Resources, and Water Well Logs
Daniel Rains (501) 683-0110 Geologist
Geological Mapping / STATEMAP1

1. STATEMAP is a part of the National Cooperative Geological Mapping Program (NCGMP), and is an annually awarded competitve grant process for funding of geological mapping across the country. Federal funds are awarded by the USGS and are matched by State Geological Surveys. Currently, the STATEMAP team is mapping in Northwestern Arkanasas and has completed three (Durham, Japton, Witter) 1:24,000 scale maps in the area since 2017. This year they are mapping the Weathers and Delaney quadrangles.

Geographic Information Systems & Information Technology

Jerry Clark (501) 682-5897 GIS Services
James Curry (501) 682-6992 Information Technology
Brian Kehner (501) 682-2487 GIS Services
Kerstein Dunn (501) 683-0149 GIS Services
Alexander Dementyev (501) 682-6164 Web

Information & Sales

Natalie Birdsong (501) 683-0120 AGS Specialist / Librarian
Celeste Haner (501) 296-1877 Map and Publication Sales