B-1 Upper cretaceous formations of Southwestern Arkansas
B-2 Oil and Gas Geology of the Gulf Coastal Plain in Arkansas
B-3 Geology of the Arkansas Paleozoic Area
B-4 St. Peter and Older Ordovician Sandstones of Northern Arkansas
B-5 A Geomagnetic Survey of the Bauxite Region in Central Arkansas
B-6 Mineral Resources of Arkansas
B-7 Kaolin Deposits of Southern Pike County, Arkansas
B-8 Pitkin Limestone of Northern Arkansas
B-9 Arkansas Mining and Mineral Law
B-10 The Mineral Industries of Arkansas in 1942
B-11 A Brookite Deposit in Hot Spring County, Arkansas
B-12 Molybdenum in Magnet Cove, Arkansas
B-13 Titanium in Southern Howard County, Arkansas
B-14 Petroleum Exploration in Eastern Arkansas with Selected Well Logs
B-15 Hickory Valley Phosphate Deposit in Independence County, Arkansas
B-16 Titanium Ore Deposits of Hot Spring County, Arkansas
B-17 Surface-Water Resources of Arkansas
B-18 Geological Formations Penetrated by the Arkansas-Louisiana Gas Company No. 1 Barton Well On The Cecil Anticline, Franklin County, Arkansas
B-19 The Jacksonian Stage In Southeastern Arkansas
B-20 Subsurface Geology and Related Oil and Gas Possibilities of Northeastern Arkansas
B-21 Quartz, Rectorite, and Cookeite from the Jeffrey Quarry Near North Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas
B-22 Fossils of Arkansas
B-23 Mineral Species of Arkansas: A Digest
B-24 Mineral, Fossil Fuel, and Water Resources of Arkansas
B-44 Age Relations of the Carboniferous Rocks of the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma and Arkansas