1:62,500 / 1:63,500 Scale Topographic Quadrangle Maps for Arkansas

AGC/AGS Series Arkansas Topographic Maps - 1:62,500/1:63,360 scale - 15' Series
Number Series
Title 1:62,500 / 1:63,500 Scale Topographic Quadrangle Maps for Arkansas
Author (s) U.S. Geological Survey
Date Varies
Scale 1:62,500, 1:63:360 Scale [Also known as 15' map series
General Description

There were approximately 85 individual 15' topographic maps that covered some portion of the State of Arkansas. Unfortunately, the U.S. Geological Survey discontinued this series several years ago and many of the maps may no longer be available.

  • Check with Map and Publications office for availability of 15' maps.
  • Full color maps
  • Contour lines represent the elevation and shape of the land
  • Shows some highways and roads
  • Indicates water areas and vegetation represented by color and /or symbols
  • Some maps are revised, photorevised but many are dated and do not show updates
  • Paper Size ~ 18 x 22 inches
Availability If available - paper copy at this time.
Price $8.00 plus shipping
Shipping and handling Contact Sales Office at (501) 296-1877, for shipping and handling charges.
Online Version

Maps not available on-line at this time.

Contact Information

Arkansas Geological Survey
3815 West Roosevelt Road
Little Rock, AR 72204
(501) 296-1877 or (501) 296-1878