AGC/AGS Series Guidebook
Number Series GB 74-1
Title Arkansas-Texas Economic Geology Field Trip
Author (s) Prepared for the Society of Economic Geologists Field Trip, February 23-24, 1974
Date 1974, reprinted 1975
General Description

This guidebook presents information on 4 field-trip stops in Arkansas and 2 field-trip stops in Texas, with an emphasis on economic geology. The sites covered the first day (in Arkansas) include ALCOA's bauxite strip mines in Saline County, Baroid Division of National Lead (now NL Baroid) Company's open pit barite mine in Hot Spring County, Union Carbide's Wilson Springs vanadium mines at Potash Sulphur Springs in Garland County, and Weyerhauser's (now James Hardie Company) gypsum mine and wall-board plant in Howard County. The second day of the trip includes stops at the Lone Star Steel plant and mine south of Daingerfield, Texas, and the Industrial Generating Company's lignite mine northeast of Winfield, Texas.

The guidebook includes:

  • Index map of stops in Arkansas
  • Geologic maps of east Texas, Lone Star area, and Winfield area
  • Index map of iron ore and lignite area
  • Cyclic deposition in the Texas Eocene units
  • Measured section of the Lone Star mine
  • Electric log of Tyler Basin Wilcox fluvial cycles
  • Geologic map of east Texas Wilcox lignite
  • Cross section through the Winfield lignite deposit

Papers contained in AGC GB 74-1:

  • The Chamberlain Creek barite deposit, by B. J. Scull, p. 7-9.
  • Geology of the Wilson Springs vanadium deposits, Garland County, Arkansas, by J. S. Hollingsworth, p.10-16.
  • The Weyerhauser Gypsum Mining Operation at Briar, Arkansas, by F. L. Pierson, p. 17-18.

*Includes: 47 pages, 15 figures, 2 tables

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