Information Circular IC-14

AGC/AGS Series Information circulars
Number Series IC-14
Title Petroleum Geology of the Smackover Formation of Southern Arkansas
Author (s) J.H. Vestal
Date 1950, reprinted 1965
General Description

This publication presents all the facts known about the Jurassic Smackover formation as of May, 1950. Sources of information include several hundred electric logs, driller's logs, well cuttings, previously published information, and data gathered from discussions with geologists familar with the area.

It includes:

  • Discussions concerning the location, topography, drainage, method of investigation, and history of oil and gas development in Arkansas
  • Stratigraphy of the Smackover and associated formations
  • Structure of the Smackover and associated formations
  • Discussion of 28 oil fields producing from the Smackover
  • Geologic history of the region
  • An Index Map of the region
  • Plates include: oil and gas condensate fields in south Arkansas; structural contour map on top of the Smackover limestone; isopach map of the Smackover limestone; an electric log cross-section from northern Louisiana to Clark County, Arkansas

*Includes: 19 pages, 4 plates, 1 figure, 11 tables

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