Information Circular IC-16

AGC/AGS Series Information circulars
Number Series IC-16
Title Ceramic Evaluation of Arkansas Nepheline Syenite
Author (s) N.F. Williams, W.J. Smothers and H.J. Reynolds
Date 1952
General Description

This publication presents the results of ceramic tests conducted on Arkansas nepheline syenite.

It includes:

  • A series of 21 tables that present the results of many different types of analyses of nepheline syenite, including, but not limited to: petrographic analysis; chemical analyses; test-body compositions; fired and unfired test bodies; various types of separation tests; wet sieve analysis; wet magnetic separation; properties of a fired brick clay containing syenite dust; strength tests, including modulus of rupture and tensile strength
  • Summary and Conclusions: No method was found that successfully removed sufficient iron to allow this resource to be used as a ceramic coating. Testing did show its usefulness as an additive to ceramic bodies, where it yields desirable fusion characteristics and a high strength glassy phase to the fired ceramic body.

*Includes: 21 pages, 21 tables

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