Information Circular IC-28C

AGC/AGS Series Information circulars
Number Series IC-28C
Title Arkansas Lignite Investigations
Author (s) W.L. Prior, B.F. Clardy and Q.M. Baber, III
Date 1985
General Description

This publication summarizes most of the data collected from 1975 to 1985 concerning lignite investigations conducted in the West Gulf Coastal Plain of Arkansas.

It includes:

  • 1578 shallow hole lithology logs
  • A table of proximate and ultimate Analyses of lignites cored during this project
  • A general summary of the region's geology, stratigraphy, and lignite resource and reserves
  • A page-sized geologic map with the locations of known shallow lignite deposits

*Includes: 214 pages, 1 figure, 31 maps, 1578 logs

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