Information Circular IC-31

AGC/AGS Series Information circulars
Number Series IC-31
Title Landslide features of Crowley's Ridge
Author (s) J.D. McFarland, III
Date 1992
General Description

This report discusses areas of past and potential landslide occurrence along Crowley's Ridge in northeastern Arkansas.

It includes:

  • Map of location of studied landslides
  • Graphs of Atterberg limits for loess samples collected from the study area
  • Precipitation graph for the first five months of 1991
  • Table of landslide site locations with site number, county, quadrangle map name, UTM location, and type of landslide (slide, flow, fall, creep)
  • Discussion of potential hazards
  • Appendix includes site descriptions of 52 representative landslide locations in the study area

*Includes: 10 pages, 2 figures, 7 tables

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