Information Circular IC-35

AGC/AGS Series information-circulars
Number Series IC-32
Title A regional Survey of the Distribution of Silver, Arsenic, Chromium, Copper, Nickel, Leadand Zinc in the Rocks of the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas
Author (s) J.D. McFarland, C.S. Stone and J.F. Nix
Date 1997
General Description

The report presents the results of the analysis of 728 lithic samples for silver, arsenic, chromium, copper, nickel, lead, and zinc. The samples were collected in 1994 from formations in the Ouachita Mountain region during a study of the regional distribution of mercury. Detailed sample locality information is given in IC 32.

The report includes:

  • Location map of sample sites
  • Tables showing element distributions, including correlation by formation and by principle lithology and geologic period
  • Element distribution maps
  • Graph sets of data
  • Appendix contains a tabulation of the study samples with sample number, element value, Formation, Member, and lithology

*Includes: 53 pages, 9 tables, 7 maps, 7 graph sets

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