Miscellaneous Publication

AGC/AGS Series Miscellaneous Publication
Number Series MP-10
Title Phase II: Core-drilling Project--Peyton Creek Phosphate area, Searcy-Van Buren Counties, Arkansas
Author (s) Arkansas Geological Commission
Date 1965
General Description

After completion of Phase I drilling, an additional 9 drill holes were cored on the Ferguson deposit in an effort to establish additional reserves over those established by Phase I (MP - 9). The additional holes allowed the determination of the shape of the phosphate deposit to be determined. The deposit extends about 2700 feet south of the outcrop area and is tongue-shaped. The shape suggests that the orebody was deposited in a bay or estuary. Chemical analyses are presented in a table and the ore reserve calculated to contain 2.8 million short tons of phosphate, averaging 19 percent occurring in a bed 5 feet or greater in thickness. A fold-out map shows the location of the drill holes and contours on the deposit based on thickness and phosphate content. A two-part Appendix contains gamma ray logs of selected holes and stratigraphic logs of the additional core holes drilled during Phase II.

*Includes: 34 pages, 2 figures, 22 logs

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