Miscellaneous Publication

AGC/AGS Series Miscellaneous Publication
Number Series MP-18A
Title Contributions to the Geology of Arkansas: Volume I
Author (s) Contributing authors - edited by J.D. McFarland, III
Date 1982
General Description

The first of a series of publications containing 9 short papers and assorted abstracts concerning the geology of Arkansas. Contributed papers are diverse in subject matter and generally narrow in scope.

Papers in Volume I include:

  • The Prairie Creek kimberlite, Arkansas, by S. L. Bolivar, p. 1-22.
  • Dierks barite district geological observations, by B. F. Clardy, p. 23-26.
  • Problems concerning the geochemistry and genesis of stratiform barite-pyrite ore deposits in Arkansas, by J. S. Hanor, p. 27-32.
  • Smoky quartz in residual bauxite, Saline County, Arkansas, by J. M. Howard, p. 33-36.
  • Exploration for fractured petroleum reservoirs, northern flank of Arkoma Basin, Arkansas, by H. MacDonald, W. Waite, M. Borengasser, and D. Tolman, p. 37-42.
  • A small bitumen deposit near Ponca, Arkansas, by J. D. McFarland III, p. 43-44.
  • A case history of a major landslide on Crowley’s Ridge, Village Creek State Park, Arkansas, by J. D. McFarland III and C. G. Stone, p. 45-52.
  • Vashegyite from Nevada and "palfevite" (=richmondite) from Nevada and from Arkansas (=kingite), by Charles Milton, E. J. Dwornik, and John Marinenko, p. 53-62.
  • Uranium content of ground water from central Arkansas, by K. F. Steele, W. C. Cains, J. C. Bevill, J. R. Cook, and Van Price, Jr., p. 63-80.
  • Abstracts, p. 81-90.

*Includes: 90 pages, 32 figures, 11 tables

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