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AGC/AGS Series Miscellaneous Publication
Number Series MP-2
Title County Mineral Report 2: Mineral Resources of Benton, Carroll, Madison and Washington Counties
Author (s)
Date 1940, reissued 1964
General Description

This report contains information relating to the metallic, non-metallic, and water resources of a 4-county area in northwest Arkansas. Aside from general geologic descriptions of the sedimentary units in the study area, the following commodities are discussed: iron, lead and zinc, clay, glass sand, pyrite, quartz, tripoli, building stone, dolomite, limestone, marble, road materials, fuels (coal, oil, and gas), and springs. Tables include information relating to production statistics, chemical analyses and screen tests of sands, analyses and tonnage estimates for the Berryville pyrite deposit, tripoli analyses, building stone deposits in the study area, limestone analyses, gravel deposits and screen analyses, location of coal deposits in Washington County, and a listing of springs in the study area. Several plates and figures also accompany the text.

*Includes: 55 pages, 10 plates, 5 figures, 27 tables

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