Miscellaneous Publication

AGC/AGS Series Miscellaneous Publication
Number Series MP-26
Title Arkansas Meteorites and "Meteor-wrongs" - Extraterrestrial Rocks and Terrestrial Rocks Often Mistaken for Them
Author (s) William L. Prior, Corbin G. Cannon II, J. Michael Howard
Date 2023
General Description

Meteorites are greatly prized by scientists and the public because of their rarity and origin. Since a meteorite is a stony or metallic body that has fallen to the earth from outer space, it is valuable. Even though the chance of finding a meteorite is exceedingly small, we receive many requests hoping for the positive identification of one.

This publication is meant to provide a summary of meteorites with examples of material that could be mistaken as meteorites. It includes a list of meteorites discovered in Arkansas, steps for initial identification of a meteorite, and photos of both meteorites and "meteor-wrongs".

*Includes: 35 pages, 36 figs.

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