Miscellaneous Publication

AGC/AGS Series Miscellaneous Publication
Number Series MP-4
Title Upper Cretaceous Ostracoda of Arkansas
Author (s) M.C. Israelsky
Date 1929
General Description

This report describes 26 species of ostracods from the Upper Cretaceous of Arkansas. Four plates present pictures of these species. Ostracods are present in the Tokio, the Exogyra Ponderosa zone of the Brownstown, Ozan, Annona, and Marlbrook Formations, and the Exogyra Costata zone of the Saratoga, Nacatoch, and Arkadelphia Formations. This publication is an extract of a larger publication by W. C. Spooner and others, Arkansas Geological Survey Bulletin 2.

*Includes: 29 pages, 4 plates

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