State Park Series

AGC/AGS Series State Park Series
Number Series SPS-03
Title Geology of the Crater of Diamonds State Park and Vicinity, Pike County, Arkansas
Author (s) J.M. Howard and W.D. Hanson
Date 2008
General Description

This publication includes:

  • General location of the Crater of Diamonds State Park within Arkansas….
  • General stratigraphy of the local rock units…
  • Map and cross-section of Prairie Creek.…...
  • Magmatic lamproite boulders on crest of Middle Hill
  • Lamproite lapilli tuff exposed on West Hill*Altered lamproite breccia tuff*Outcrop of silica-cemented sandstone-dominated maar epiclastics…
  • Diamond dissolution evolution…
  • References and Reading List
  • Alphabetical Listing of Minerals reported from the Prairie Creek Diatreme and their Geologic Associations

*Includes: 17 pages, 8 figures, 1 map

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