Educational Workshop Series

AGC/AGS Series Educational Workshop Series
Number Series EWS-6
Title Educational Workshop Series 06 - "Mining, Minerals and More" in the western Ouachita Mountains
Author (s) Angela Chandler
Date 2013
General Description

This is a three day workshop in the Ouachita Mountains near the town of Mena in western Arkansas. The theme of this workshop is mostly mining and minerals. The "more" includes plant fossil collecting and a visit to Cossatot River State Park. The first day of the workshop we will travel north into the Arkansas River Valley to look for plant fossils in a reclaimed coal mining area at Bates. The second day we will visit a local quarry in the Hatton Tuff Member of the Stanley Formation in the morning, then travel to Cossatot River State Park in the afternoon. The third day we will visit cinnabar workings along the Cinnabar Trail at Lake Greeson.

Since we are staying in the town of Mena, very close to Queen Wilhelmina State Park, there is an added fieldtrip and lesson for landforms in this area.

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