AGC/AGS Series Guidebook
Number Series GB 2021-1
Title Earthquake feature recognition workshop/field trip II
Author (s) Martha Kopper
Date 2021
General Description

The Geological Survey (GS) held the Earthquake Feature Recognition Workshop and Field Trip II, the second of two opportunities offered by the GS to study paleoliquefaction features in eastern Arkansas.

This workshop and field trip focused on the use of geophysical surveys to locate features and documentation of paleoliquefaction. Feature identification may include soft sediment deformation structures present in the excavated trenches such as sand blows, dikes, sill, diapirs, foundered clasts, convolute bedding, pseudonodules, load casts, fissures, subsided, and tilted ground. The majority of the information within this publication has been prepared by the field trip leaders.

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