Information Circular IC-18

AGC/AGS Series Information circulars
Number Series IC-18
Title Origin and Occurrence of Barite in Arkansas
Author (s) B.J. Scull
Date 1958
General Description

This publication discusses the origin and occurrence of barite in the Ouachita Mountain and Cretaceous regions of Arkansas.

It includes:

  • Descriptions of 5 known districts, containing 19 deposits and prospects
  • Descriptions of vein, cemented, and replacement deposits
  • General discussion of the structure and stratigraphy of the region
  • Economic geology related to barite
  • Nine sketch and geologic maps of barite deposits
  • One plan and section of an exploration trench
  • Forty photographs of thin-sections, veins, igneous dikes, outcrops, barite exploration trenches, and barite mineralization
  • Nine cross-sections and aerial photographs of described deposits
  • An extensive reference list concerning Arkansas barite
  • An alphabetized Index to the publication

*Includes: 101 pages, 49 plates, 12 figures, 5 tables

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