STATEMAP Field Calendar 2019

AGC/AGS Series Calendar
Number Series 2019
Title 2019 STATEMAP Field Calendar
Author (s) Richard Hutto
Date 2019
General Description

Thanks for your interest in the 2019 STATEMAP Field Calendar. It was created to commemorate the 25th year of geologic mapping in Arkansas in partnership with the US Geological Survey's National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program. Once the calendar file has been downloaded, it can be taken to most print shops where they can easily print and bind the pages.

However, here are a few suggestions if you are printing it at home:

This calendar is designed to be printed on 13 sheets of letter size paper (81/2 x 11") in landscape orientation. In the print dialog box, be sure to set it to print on both sides of paper and to flip on long edge.

Cardstock could be used on the front and back to make it sturdier, in which case the first page could be printed on the cover.

The pages can be bound with staples, tape, paperclips, paper fasteners (brads), or even string or ribbon tied through holes punched through the top. And don't forget to punch a hole at the center of the bottom to hang it by.

Have a great year, and hope to see you in the field!

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